Yuzery Yusoff

yuzery yusof

Yuzery Bin Yusoff is the Director of OUM Sri Rampai Learning Centre. He joined OUM on a part -time basis in 2003 and took a full-time position in 2005 beginning as a Lecturer for Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia Communication (FITMC).

Then after 5 years of services, he was promoted to Senior Lecturer and also appointed as Vice Dean for Learning Materials Development. In 2015, he took another position as Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies for IT programmes. A year later, he moved to OUM Shah Alam to work for Cluster of Applied Sciences (CAS). In 2017, he was called for another duty as the Director of OUM Sri Rampai and continue to serve the OUM learning centre until now.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Master of Information Technology (Information Science), UKM, 2003
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Science & Management System), UKM, 1998

Area of Specialisation:

  • Linux and open source computing
  • Multimedia application development
  • Computer and mobile programming