Assoc Prof Dr Nantha Kumar Subramaniam

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Assoc Prof Dr Nantha Kumar Subramaniam
joined OUM in Feb 2002. Dr Nantha has more than sixteen years of experience as an academic upon having served at Open University Malaysia (OUM) starting initially as a lecturer and working towards the position of Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia Communication and currently heading two technical units. Dr Nantha also served as a tutor (1999-2001) at Faculty of Information Science and Technology, UKM while pursuing his master’s degree. As an academic, Dr Nantha has contributed at various conferences and had won several awards for his research and excellence in teaching and learning. Some of these awards include:

  • Best Paper Award (2013), Best Paper Award Finalist (2012)  and the Young Innovator Award (2011, 2012, 2014) during the Association of Asian Open Universities (AAOU) annual conferences;
  • Gold Medal – Innovation, Invention and Design in e-Learning (IIDEL 2015) in conjunction with National University Carnival  on E-Learning 2015 (NUCEL 2015), organized by Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and Malaysian e-Learning Council for Public Universities;
  • Winner of the  “Best E-Learning Facilitator” Award – awarded during the 2nd International University Carnival  on E-Learning 2017 (IUCEL 2017), organized by Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia,  Malaysian e-Learning Council for Public Universities and Malaysia E-Learning Centre;
  • Dr Nantha’s subject had been selected by Commonwealth of Learning (COL) for the Excellence in Distance Education Award for Distance Education Materials in 2016;
  • Recipient of the Education Leadership Award (2014) and Leadership Training Award in Japan (2008);
  • Dean List academic awards during his undergraduate study.


  • PhD (Comp Sc)  [UKM]
  • MIT (Comp Sc)  [UKM]
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)  [UPM]

Professional Qualification:
Certified IT Professional (ITPEC)

Area of Specialisation:

  • Natural language processing using machine learning
  • Intelligent learning system for programming
  • Computer Science Education (CSEd)