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Household waste segregation: Life, Culture and Commitment – Part 2

Waste segregation?

Waste segregation is a process of sorting and separating the waste by its type. For example, to separate plastic packaging from paper pack. Another example, food waste can be segregated to dry waste and wet waste. It is very important to make waste segregation as part if our daily life and culture. It makes your life healthy and house area organize and clean. By managing own waste at home, it will help to minimize or avoids the creation of pollutants and promotes good household economy and greener neighbourhood.


Participation from public at home will be one of the platform of improving continuous awareness and knowledge of solid waste management and the environment. However, everybody in the house is equally in share responsibility and have the same rights as an integrated part of a solid waste management system. Other than segregate of waste, according to waste hierarchy, waste reduction is the most crucial. This can be done example by reduce amount of waste generated at home by buying food that has less packaging, packaging that free of toxins as possible, especially plastic packaging since plastic has a capacity to stay longer on earth and takes many years to decompose. The next hierarchy is reuse. Reuse is mean using the material again and again in the same form or it would have been used to make the new product such as reuse container a number of times, use both sides of paper for printing or donating used clothes to other people needed. The next step is recycling of household waste, for example, recycling of food waste or organic waste which is rich in nutrients to be used to improve soils. The conversion of waste materials into soil additives is called composting. Recycling and composting of waste can generate many environmental and economic benefits.

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